Camping Normandy with Pool


During your stay at Barre Y Va camping in Normandy, enjoy the indoor pool with 3 pools heated with spa area. 3 pools for all tastes, ages and wholes. Guided tour !

The pool is heated 

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camping piscine couverte normandie
camping avec piscine chauffée couverte Normandie
Piscine Haute Normandie
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camping piscine ouvert la nuit
camping piscine rives en Seine

The size of the swimming pool

Main pool: 12 m X 6 m depth 1.40 m



The covered pool with slides


The indoor pool with slides

IMG_0072D’un next to the pool you will find a pool dedicated to water slides.

A wide slide and a tunnel slide. The slide pool is available for children.

The size of the slides

Bassin receiving slide 7 mx 4 m depth 1.10 meters

The slides : sizes

Slip Slide: 4.5 m long x 3 m wide

Tunnel Slide 7 m long and 0.9 m diameter







The padding pool


The paddling pool is for children and babies, and their parents. Children will enjoy the water games with fountain and 3 water jets.

The dimensions of the basin

6 meters x 3.5 meters to 20 centimeters deep.

The children are safe on this small pool but this does not exclude parental supervision.





The Spa lounges

camping normandie piscine spa

In the large pool you can swim or just relax on our water massage loungers.

Fountains built to sunbeds make you spend a moment of well being while having an eye on your children.

2 water loungers are available on each side of the basin.

While on holiday in Normandy camping Barre Go there, be sure to bask in the swimming pool from the campsite in front of the bar area.






Water park 10 H 00 / 12 h 00 to 15 h 00 / 19 h 15

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